Nature in the Jura is generous. There is no need to plunge into the depths of the forest to get back to nature. It is accessible right here, on the very doorstep of the hotel.

Around Le Noirmont, there is an abundance of footpaths giving you the choice between peaceful strolls on the plateau, where cows and horses graze, and routes with a more exhilarating relief allowing you to experience the spectacular hillsides of the river Doubs.

Do not miss the key attractions: the Rocks of Sommêtres, La Goule, the biologically rich mixture of woodland and pasture, the streams and springs, the dry or marshy zones of the Doubs Nature Park…

Find out all about “emposieux” sinkholes, those circular or elliptical geological depressions, generally associated with an underground network of fissures.

Near Saignelégier, visit the small lake of Étang de la Gruère, another breathtaking nature reserve just 5 minutes drive from the hotel.

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