Le Noirmont

Jura and Le Noirmont


The Restaurant & Hôtel Georges Wenger is situated in the centre of Le Noirmont, near the village’s train station, a convenient location appreciated by guests arriving by train. The establishment is just 40-minutes drive from Neuchâtel, Bienne or Delémont, 1 hour from Berne, 1 hour 15 minutes from Basel, 1 hour 20 minutes from Lausanne, and 2 hours from Zurich or Geneva.

The village comprises 1800 inhabitants, making it the 2nd biggest population centre in the Franches-Montagnes. As you will appreciate, demographic stress is a relative concept in our peaceful land.

The region, which forms one of the three districts of the Jura canton, is largely agricultural. Yet watchmaking constitutes the most important economic hub as the Jura has been the land of high precision since the 18th century.


Vu sur Le Noirmont

In the catalogue of received wisdom, there is one idea that persists with particular stubbornness: that visiting the Jura in the winter would be a reckless act. In truth, there are few places in the world where the cold season has been tamed to such an extent!

© Georges Wenger

Winter is never a problem. On the contrary, as this place is designed to make it an active season, one to be savoured and appreciated.

It is true that we get snow – sometimes a lot of snow. But there is nothing to fear: the highway services are impressively efficient. Instead, allow yourself to be seduced by the exceptional beauty of those white landscapes. Breathe in deeply: the air is so pure!

Have your fears not vanished? Still worried about driving here? Well, why not consider the train that stops right in front of the hotel?